Walkthroughs, Street Events, and Audience Participation ⇒  Part of a larger piece (the entirety of which I haven't read, but looks interesting), this page gives a short description of a (very) small list of interactive sound pieces since the 1960s; the most famous of which, Listen, by Max Neuhaus, involved a "field trip for an audience".

The New Edge ⇒  Another show of experimental music at WMBR, hosted by Ken Field. Explores more of the improvisation and jazz traditions than sigtronica.

THE RECORD EFFECT: How technology has transformed the sound of music. ⇒  A New Yorker article from mid-2005 that examines a few recent books about the influence of recording on musical performance. Insightful thoughts into the tradeoffs of different representations of music.

Music and Technology: A Roundtable Discussion ⇒  A discussion moderated by Philip Glass and including Morton Subotnick, Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky), John Moran, Michael Riesman about the interplay of music and technology in the hands of the composer. Heavy on the optimism, especially from Subotnick.