July 31st Show

Special two-hour show as I filled in for Liucubed and sans serif. Only two more sigtronica shows left on WMBR!

  1. Do You Hear Me? by Matt Weston. Holler (EP). 7272Music.
  2. Live in Oxford, OH (2002) by Burning Star Core. Mes Soldats Stupides. Cenotaph.
  3. Raktz by Wyndel Hunt. NK AK. Dragon’s Eye Recordings.
  4. Track 1 by Mofongo. Mofongo. Aagoo Records.
  5. Blood Lightning Pt. 7 (1996) by Burning Star Core. Mes Soldats Stupides. Cenotaph.
  6. Holding Out for Ein Helden by Christopher DeLaurenti. Favorite Intermissions. GD Stereo.
  7. Unfinished/Guitar Solo (1998) by Burning Star Core. Mes Soldats Stupides. Cenotaph.
  8. Scratched Bicycle / Smell Memory by Múm. The Peel Session. BBC.
  9. weeping rock, rock + nightly cares by Múm. Summer Make Good. fatcat.
  10. Cybersonic Cantilevers by Gordon Mumma. Electronic Music of Theatre and Public Activity. New World Records.
  11. Storm + Static by Godspeed You Black Emperor!. Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven. Kranky.

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Published by nknouf

Nick Knouf is the DJ and producer of sigtronica. He's been on WMBR nearly continuously since the Fall of 2004, first on a show called somewhere never travelled, then switching in the Fall of 2005 to sigtronica. He's currently a first-year master's student at the MIT Media Lab in the Hyperinstruments Group. His work and research can be seen on zeitkunst.org.

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