April 9th show

Like a Pearl by Portastatic. Be Still Please. Merge Records. stays demons by Nadja. Touched. alien8 recordings. april 6 by Valet. blood is clean. Kranky. Fennel & Tangerine by Greg Davis. Of / Greg Davis Split Seven Inch (Div/Orce Series 5). Ache Records. Track 5 by Andy Gilmore. of lice and moons. carboncrecord. Put it […]


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March 26th Show

For a number of reasons, I featured a few tracks from Rachel’s tonight, spanning the entirety of their oeuvre. Also, a couple tracks from Do Make Say Think who are playing at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge on Tuesday night. And, amiina is playing at the MFA on Saturday night, although tickets are sadly […]


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March 19th Show

A small sampling of rather long tracks tonight by some of my favorite groups and musicians. I was especially happy to play a long live track from A Silver Mt. Zion show, available (along with a number of other live shows) at archive.org . it’s natural to be afraid by Explosions in the Sky. all […]


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March 12th Show

Great new work from Stars of the Lid (warning: immediate audio) tonight on a new 2CD set that I’ve barely had time to listen to. (More info about the new album.) Also some hyper guitars and vocals from Marnie Stern, and Yo La Tengo + children’s choir singing the Sun Ra classic “Nuclear War”. spectral […]


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March 5th Show

New stuff from Burning Star Core tonight along with an older track from the work of C. Spencer Yeh. And yes, I did play a couple Arcade Fire tracks…I promise this will be the only show (in the near future!) where I do that. Sorry for the mix-up later in the show when I misnamed […]


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February 21st Show

New music from Explosions in the Sky tonight. Unfortunately I’m going to miss seeing them play, as the show is already sold out! Bollocks. Also! New from Jesu, Eluvium, and some really interesting improvisation from Mike Pride. A good friend of mine suggested that I listen to Tycho, but in the record library I instead […]


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