March 26th Show

For a number of reasons, I featured a few tracks from Rachel’s tonight, spanning the entirety of their oeuvre. Also, a couple tracks from Do Make Say Think who are playing at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge on Tuesday night. And, amiina is playing at the MFA on Saturday night, although tickets are sadly already sold out.

  1. Handwriting by Rachel’s. Handwriting. Quarterstick Records.
  2. welcome, ghosts (adem mix) by Explosions in the Sky. all of a sudden i miss everyone. Temporary Residence, Ltd..
  3. Auberge Le Mouton Noir by Do Make Say Think. Winter Hymn, Country Hymn, Secret Hymn. Constellation.
  4. fjarskanistan by amina. ammamina. the worker’s institute.
  5. Hearts and Drums by Rachel’s. Selenography. Quarterstick Records.
  6. Murderer by Low. Drums and Guns. Sub Pop.
  7. Humectez La Mouture by Stars of the Lid. And Their Refinement of the Decline. Kranky.
  8. The Universe! by Do Make Say Think. You, You’re a History in Rust. Constellation.
  9. why she swallows bullets and stones by esmerine. aurora. madrona.
  10. Rhine and Courtesan by Rachel’s. The Sea and the Bells. Quarterstick Records.
  11. black mountain by Arve Henriksen. strjon. rune grammofon.
  12. Water from the Same Source by Rachel’s. Systems/Layers. Quarterstick Records.

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