March 5th Show

New stuff from Burning Star Core tonight along with an older track from the work of C. Spencer Yeh. And yes, I did play a couple Arcade Fire tracks…I promise this will be the only show (in the near future!) where I do that.

Sorry for the mix-up later in the show when I misnamed the band Zs as Bump, which is actually the title of their album! Misread my own notes.

  1. Maria & Martha by Ekkehard Ehlers. A Life Without Fear. staubgold.
  2. Inch Up To Fur by Secret Mommy. Plays. Ache Records.
  3. The Well and the Lighthouse by Arcade Fire. Neon Bible. Merge Records.
  4. a curse on the coast by Burning Star Core. Blood Lightning 2007. No Fun Productions.
  5. Axes by Shearing Pinx. Poison Hands. Gilgongo Records.
  6. Pentagano Dose by Earwicker. All Seeing Ear. Resipiscent.
  7. Nyarlathotep by Burning Star Core. The Very Heart of the World. Thin Wrist Recordings.
  8. No Cars Go by Arcade Fire. Neon Bible. Merge Records.
  9. Bump by Zs. Buck. Gilgongo Records.
  10. The Tyranny of Housework by Wendy Atkinson. Pink Noise. Smarten Up! & Get To The Point.
  11. the universe is designed to break your heart by Burning Star Core. Blood Lightning 2007. No Fun Productions.

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