February 7th Show

Found a trio of new releases tonight from a label that I had not heard of: Load Records out of Providence. Ear-mangling goodness from the likes of OvO, Metalux & John Wiese, and Gang Wizard. Also, a new album from Deerhunter, released on Kranky.

  1. Diskaholics Life In Japan Vol. 1 by Jim O’Rourke + Mats Gustafssen + Thurston Moore. Diskaholics Life In Japan Vol. 1. Diskaholics.
  2. unimog lust by Eloe Omoe. marauders. ADR.
  3. Empires and Milk by Loren Dent. Empires and Milk. Contract Killers Records.
  4. tired of me by Jesu. Jesu. Hydra Head Industries.
  5. Herstory of Glory by Do Make Say Think. You, You’re a History in Rust. Constellation.
  6. VooDoo by OvO. Miastenia. Load Records.
  7. Exoteric Two by Metalux & John Wiese. Exoteric. Load Records.
  8. another misplayed endgame by Gang Wizard. Byzantine Headache. Load Records.
  9. providence + octet by Deerhunter. Cryptograms. kranky.

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