January 31st Show

Lots of new experimental improv tonight with two tracks off of albums put out by last visible dog, an excellent label out of Providence with a great roster of innovative improv artists.

  1. Phase One by Transitional Phase. Transitional Phase. Last Visible Dog.
  2. Track 3 by Jack Wright. The Indeterminate Existence. Last Visible Dog.
  3. Knocking Dust by Uncle Woody Sullender & Kevin Davis. The Tempest is Over. dead ceo.
  4. as in the by Vic Rawlings & Mike Bullock. Fail of Song. Chloë.
  5. Cornelius by The Boston Typewriter Orchestra. The Revolution will be Typewritten. Self-Released.
  6. Harmonicah by Dragon City. Dragon City. Self-Released.
  7. Disown, delete by Ensemble. Ensemble. Fat Cat Records.
  8. Lonely Bookshop Girl by Coachmania [The Coachmen/Septimania]. The Coachmen on Holiday in Septimania. Commodify This!.
  9. Christmas by The Caution Curves. A Little Hungry. Sockets CDR.
  10. The Story Never Ends by Postscripts. The Day After Tomorrow. Projectionprojects.
  11. The Hunted Little Green Grass Girl by The Spirit Girls. Forever Free…. Trakwerx / End is Here Records.

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Published by nknouf

Nick Knouf is the DJ and producer of sigtronica. He's been on WMBR nearly continuously since the Fall of 2004, first on a show called somewhere never travelled, then switching in the Fall of 2005 to sigtronica. He's currently a first-year master's student at the MIT Media Lab in the Hyperinstruments Group. His work and research can be seen on zeitkunst.org.

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