May 14th Show

An abbreviated show tonight as I ran off to catch the Album Leaf …it was a great show!

  1. The Outer Banks by The Album Leaf. In a Safe Place. Sub Pop.
  2. welcome to planet earth by Capital Animal. you are the himalayas.. self-released.
  3. Wanderlust by Björk. Volta. One Little Indian.
  4. Sheds her Skin by Fursaxa. Alone in the Dark Wood. ATP Recordings.
  5. When the Tripods Came by Burning Star Core. Operator Dead…Post Abandoned. No Quarter.
  6. Always for You by The Album Leaf. Into The Blue Again. Sub Pop.
  7. In C (Mantra) by Terry Riley. Read Streams—The Organ of Corti Archive Series. Elision Fields.

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Published by nknouf

Nick Knouf is the DJ and producer of sigtronica. He's been on WMBR nearly continuously since the Fall of 2004, first on a show called somewhere never travelled, then switching in the Fall of 2005 to sigtronica. He's currently a first-year master's student at the MIT Media Lab in the Hyperinstruments Group. His work and research can be seen on

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