March 15th Show

Slightly “reserved” in tone tonight, featuring some excellent drone by Kowalsky, Growing, and Charalambides. I found an interesting new artist in Et Ret, went back to my semi-indie roots with Mogwai, and threw in some contemporary classical with Kotche and Lucier (who was recently in the area at a concert of electro-acoustic music; I spoke with him a bit after the show, which was quite a delight (more about that in a future post)).

  1. Friend of the Night by Mogwai. Mr. Beast. Matador.
  2. Q by Alvin Lucier. Wind Shadows. New World Records.
  3. Mobile Parts 1, 2, & 3 by Glenn Kotche. Mobile. Nonesuch.
  4. Ashes from Evermore by Gregg Kowalsky. Through the Cardial Window. Kranky.
  5. voice box by Charalambides. gold leaf branches compilation. digitalis industries.
  6. (Unknown) by Growing. Color Wheel. Megablade.
  7. Letting Go of the Balloon by Et Ret. Gasworks. Western Vinyl.

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Nick Knouf is the DJ and producer of sigtronica. He's been on WMBR nearly continuously since the Fall of 2004, first on a show called somewhere never travelled, then switching in the Fall of 2005 to sigtronica. He's currently a first-year master's student at the MIT Media Lab in the Hyperinstruments Group. His work and research can be seen on

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