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stereolab mudra
dimension mix. eenie meenie.

vladislav delay the first quarter
the four quarters. huume.

ulrich schnauss nobody's home
far away trains passing by. city centre offices.

cluster and eno ho renomo
cluster and eno. water.

shull flandreau radding obscure zealots
the branch will not break. umbrella records.

afrirampo on ska to paar ya
kore ga mayaku da. tzadik.

frogtoboggan 2nd invocation
frogtoboggan meets the unpaid professionals. anticlock.

ken ikeda hydantol
touch compilation. touch.

zap mama sweet melody
ancestry in progress. luaka bop.

mr. oizo nurse bob, berleef, scum hotel
moustache (half a scissor). mute.

sigur ros untitled track 8
( ). geffen.

safety scissors love lately
tainted lunch. ~scape.

ladytron CMYK
witching hour. rykodisc.

alvin lucier letters
wind shadows. new world recordings.

sigur ros takk...
takk.... geffen.

aev volume control brightness
touch compilation. touch.

sigur ros saeglopur
takk.... geffen.

the dolls soul skin
music by the dolls. huume.

ammon contact bbq plate (telefon tel aviv mix)
microsolutions #1. soul jazz.

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revolution 9 answer me
lo-fi glamour. scarab.

pest downward steps
all out fall out. ninja tune.

ladytron all the way
witching hour. rykodisc.

safety scissors i am the cheese, sunlight's on the other side
tainted lunch. ~scape.

kingsbread feat. steve spacek it's alright
hvw8 presents: music is my art. ubiquity.

the free design an elegy (kid koala + dynomite d)
the now sound redesigned. light in the attic.

MU paris hilton
out of breach (manchester's revenge). output.

robag wruhme mensur
wuzzelbud. kompakt.

mr. oizo (untitled), the end, latex
moustache (half a scissor). mute.

felix laband red handed
dark days exit. compost.

m83 carressess
m83. mute.

ezekiel honig + morgan packard tropical ridges
early morning migration. microcosm.

eddy meets yannah are u that someone?
just like... compost.

her space holiday self helpless
the weight of the world. wichita.

eats tapes cue my tam or ban me
sticky buttons. tigerbeat6.

kid606 done with the scene
resilience. tigerbeat6.

peter-thomas-sound-orchester blaue milch (stereolab mix)
warp back to earth. bungalow.

susumu yokota fairy dance of twinkle and shadow
symbol. hub100.

royksopp someone like me
the understanding. astralwerks.

hawke positive subtracting
love won another. studiodistribution.

nice nice yesss! (stars as eyes remix)
yesss! audraglint.

aufgehoben doxa caveat
anno fauve. riot season.

mumbles the thief in the night
a book of human beats. studiodistribution.

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royksopp triumphant
the understanding. virgin.

eats tapes mystery of the rainforest
sticky buttons. tigerbeat6.

peter grummich awaking naked
switch off the soap opera. shitkatapult.

zuco 103 whaa!
whaa! ziriguiboom.

felix laband sleeping household
dark days exit. compost.

annie chewing gum
heartbeat/chewing gum LP. bigbeat.

chris abrahams can of faces
thrown. room 40.

aufgehoben no prozess
anno fauve. riot season.

nmperign + dorner,beins side a, track 2
nmperign + dorner, beins. twisted vilalge records.

alastair galbraith + matt de gennaro rehua
long wires in dark museums (vol. 1 north island). emperor jones.

galaxie 500 fourth of july
this is our music. ryko.

prefuse 73 i got no time for rearviews, dubs that don't match, between man and woman
extinguished: outtakes. warp.

her space holiday the weight of the world
the past presents the future. wichita.

hey willpower double fantasy II
hey willpower EP. cochon.

eddy meets yannah from da rooftop feat. diyala
just like.... compost.

angus maclise, tony conrad and martin tetreault trance #2
an anthology of noise and electronic music/first a-chronology. sub rosa.

sigur ros. tiki
bab tiki dido. geffen records.

ryoji ikeda op. 1 II
op. touch music.

stefano pilia ...present tension
healing memories and other scattering times. last visible dog.

matthew degennaro candlestick maker
humbled down. last visible dog.

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hrvatski une drole de journee
hrvatski/sightings LP. ache.

her space holiday the good people of everywhere
the past presents the future. wichita.

felix laband dirty nightgown
dark days exit. compost.

hey willpower magic window
hey willpower EP. cochon.

t. raumschmiere. der grottenolm
blitzkriegpop. shitkatapult.

susumu yokota i close the door upon myself; symbol of life, love, and aesthetics; music from the lake surface
symbol. hub100.

Steve Reich Proverb
Works 1965-1995. Nonesuch.

Steve Reich Come Out
Works 1965-1995. Nonesuch.

peter-thomas-sound-orchester peter in space (coldcut mix)
warp back to earth. bungalow.

black dice street dude
broken ear record. astralwerks.

arco flute foundation urban hustle
everyone after, everything after, the bomb is sci-fi. music fellowship.

mumbles the catch
a book of human beats. studiodistribution.

matthew degennaro coal, natura
humbled down. last visible dog.

stefano pilia this deep night blanket makes us melancholy confident
healing memories and other scattering times. last visible dog.

edward zajda points
independent. ars nova ars antiqua.

unstable ensemble bone
embers. family vineyard.

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m83 she stands up
m83. mute.

monosov swirnoff ver.1
two recorded works LP. eclipse.

t. raumschmiere diving in whiskey
blitzkriegpop. novamute, shitkatapult.

francois bayle vibrations composees, deuxieme serie
vibrations composees, grande polyphonie, volume 3. magison.

annie heartbeat (royksopp's mindre tilgjengelige remix)
heartbeat/chewing gum LP. bigbeat.

erkki kurenniemi Sähkösoittimen ääniä #4 + #1
an anthology of noise and electronic music/ third a-chronology 1952-2004. sub rosa.

oren ambarchi and martin ng vigil III
vigil. quecksilber.

sachiko m, toshimaru nakamura, otomo yoshihide good afternoon
good morning, good night. erstwhile records.

ryoji ikeda op. 2 [for string quartet]
op. touch music.

merzbow (gloop)
pluramon "bit sand riders" . mille plateaux.

mumbles makeba revisited
a book of human beats. studiodistribution.

hoahio sea wall III
ohayo! hoahio! tzadik.

oh astro circuits gleam
hello world. illegal art.

aero & anderegg untitled
space is no place, nyc: noise from the underground vol. 2. psycho-o-path.

hawke let it go
love won another. studiodistribution.

marclay, tone, wolff event
event. asphodel.

dj niknak + liucubed on holiday!

2005.08.17 (special guest morgan packard)
listen to the show (112mb)
oren ambarchi and martin ng when love comes back to haunt you
vigil. quecksilber.

monolake cctv
polygon_cities. imbalance computer music.

bjork hunter vessel
music from drawing restraint 9. one little indian.

pelt track 4
untitled. vhf.

mike tamburo adam's fruit temptation
beating of the rewound son. music fellowship.

ulrich schnauss blumenwiese neben autobahn
far away trains passing by. morr.

mutamassik m28
definitive works. sound ink.

royksopp 49 percent
only this moment. astralwerks.

pluramon hintergrund by mogwai
bit sand riders. mille plateaux.

broken spindles desaturated, birthday
inside/absent. saddle creek.

marclay, tone, wolff. event
event. asphodel.

beck farewell ride (subtle remix)
remix EP #1. interscope.

susumu yokota purple rose minuet
symbol. hub100.

alias + ehren lillian
lillian. anticon.

ezekiel honig + morgan packard a long time ago
early morning migration. microcosm.

trygve seim mmball
the source & other cikadas. ecm.

ezekiel honig cape cod getaway
people places & things. microcosm.

captain campion in kind
macrofun vol. 1. microcosm.

jetone aerial red
ultramarin. force inc.

listen to the show (111mb)
eats tapes supreme master
sticky buttons. tigerbeat6.

susumu yokota flaming love and destiny
symbol. lo recordings.

sensorama flicker remix (of "bit sand riders" by pluramon)
bit sand riders. mille plateux.

alva noto time..dot (3)
anthology of noise and electronic music/third a-chronology. sub rosa.

marc-charles mcnulty souds-muets
code inconnu. self-released.

chaos a.d. psultan (squarepusher mix)
the braindance coincidence. rephlex.

beck broken drum (remixed by boards of canada)
beck remix EP #1. interscope.

daedelus i Sent Off ii Sus Per Coil [Jogger Remix]
exquisite corpse. mush.

royksopp sombre detune
the understanding. astralwerks.

bjork cetacea
music from drawing restraint 9. one little indian.

minotaur shock maritime
mistaken tourist. 4AD.

terry riley poppy nogood (edit)
ohm: the early gurus of electronic music. ellipsis arts.

e. e. cummings that melancholy
lunapark 10. sub rosa

mecha fixes clocks disability for e motion
orbiting with screwdrivers. alien8 recordings.

michel chion Requiem: Dies Irae (1973)
anthology of noise and electronic music/third a-chronology. sub rosa.

ryan teague prelude III
six preludes. type recordings.

fourtet iron man
everything comes & goes, interpretations & mutilations. temporary residence limited.

the free design harve daley hix (stereolab & the high llamas remix)
the now sound: redesigned. light in the attic.

criterion/mpld union
la cuidad. broklyn beats.

nobody tori oshi
and everything else. plug research.

asao kula botanical gardens
childish music. staubgold.

the juan maclean love is in the air
less than human. DFA.

listen to the show (111mb)
eric grisswold thursday
altona sketches. imperfect memories.

arco flute foundation white boy gumbo
everything after, everything after, the bomb is sci-fi. music fellowship.

criterion/mpld b'way
la ciudad. br0klyn beats.

kid606. audition
resilience. tigerbeat6.

henry flynt. purified by the fire
purified by the fire. locust music.

kraftwerk. the man-machine
minimum-maximum. astralwerks.

eraldo bernocchi & harold budd fragment_five
music for 'fragments from the inside'. sub ros.

kammerflimmer kollektief venti latir
incommunicado. temporary residence.

björk. army of me (undancing remix by neetoo).
army of me: remixes and covers. one little indian.

ezekiel honig and morgan packard billow
early morning migration. microcosm music

edgar varese poeme electronique
music of edgar varese lp. columbia.

matmos/pluramon. pluramonthermatmos
bit sand riders. mille plateaux.

susumu yokota traveler in the wonderland
symbol. lore recordings.

fursaxa russian snow queen
lepidoptera. all tomorrow's parties.

thuja untitled #8 (disc 1)
pine cone temples. strange attractors audio house.

uton. ay um au lam (track 1)
whispers from the woods. last visible doc.

bernard parmegiani matieres induites (1975)
an anthology of noise and electronic music / third a-chronology 1952-2004. sub rosa.

listen to the show (111mb)
lali puna awaiting an accident (remix for boom bip)
i thought i was over that: rare, remixed, and b-sides. morr.

atoi army of me
bjork army of me remixes and covers. one little indian.

freezepop duct tape my heart (forever remix)
maxi ultra-fresh. archenemy.

fourtet and then patterns
everything ecstatic. domino.

hawke the monkey's wedding
love won another. eighth dimension.

lawrence falling down a dam of mashed potatoes
childish music compilation. staubgold.

dr. rockit lullaby for william
childish music compilation. staubgold.

a northern chorus flag in hand
spirit flags. sonic unyon.

beck missing (royksopp remix)
beck remix ep #1. interscope.

peter grummich orange moon
switch off the soap opera. shitkatapult.

prefuse 73 pagina cinco
prefuse 73 reads the books EP. warp.

eddy meets yannah shamed
just like.... compost.

esthero junglebook
wikked lil grrrls. reprise.

proem long distance tiara
negativ. merck.

ezekiel honig + morgan packard planting broken branches part 1
early morning migration. microcosm.

zuco 103 mayfly
whaa! six degrees.

monolake pipeline
polygon_cities. imbalance computer music.

eraldo bernocchi + harold budd four
music for 'fragments from the inside'. sub rosa.

kid606 king of harm
resilience. tigerbeat6.

apparat it's gonna be a long walk
silizium EP. shitkatapult.

alexis perepelycia sudestada
mundo caos. dreamland.

brothomstates bolt action ardvark-mixer
(track off the proem negativ album). merck.

tosca naschkatze
j.a.c. k7.

tiki obmar porch
seasons. merck.

listen to the show
monolake invisible
polygon_cities. imbalance computer music.

tosca rondo acapricio
j.a.c. k7.

supreme beings of leisure strangelove addiction
strangelove addiction single. palm pictures.

colophon big 5
imprint/tailpiece. nishi.

rod cooper estuary nocturne
friction. room40.

the prodigy heat (the energy)
music for the jilted generation. mute.

bebel gilberto winter (nuspirit helsinki dub)
bebel gilberto remixed. six degrees.

bebel gilberto you're not alone (bombay dub orchestra mix)
bebel gilberto remixed. six degrees.

tiki obmar i...i...i...was
seasons. merck.

eraldo bernocchi, harold budd three
music for 'fragments from the inside'. subrosa.

fourtet sleep, eat food, have visions
everything ecstatic. domino.

mandarin movie the green giraffe
mandarin movie. aesthetics.

alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto aurora
insen. asphodel.

hooverphonic club montepulciano (bugs downtown remix)
hooverphonic sampler. epic.

ryan teague VI
six preludes. type.

jahcoozi fish (team natascha remix)
phil k presents y4k. distinictive breaks.

julien neto voy
le fumeur de ciel. type.

arco flute foundation rim tapper
everything after the everything after the bomb is sci-fi. music fellowship.

listen to the show (111mb)
monolake north
polygon_cities. imbalance computer music.

ARTiFACT by the morning sun (slicker remix)
ARTiFACT ReMIXES Vol. 1. 1320.

apparat komponent rmx by telefon tel aviv
silizium ep. shitkatapult.

chemical brothers spring
the boxer. astralwerks.

nnnj lush lope
monkey-straddle. theAgriculture.

tosca no more olives
j.a.c. k7.

towa tei meditation!
future listening! LP. elektra.

fon-kin montininja (fauna flash remix)
worx the remixes. compost.

richard devine. timach
cautella. sublight.

tiki obmar proem remix
seasons. merck.

moby south side (hybrid dishing pump remix)
south side single LP. v2.

eraldo bernocchi and harold budd fragment_two
music for 'fragments from the inside'. sub rosa.

yip-yip. tracks 1-5
pro-twelve thinker. strictly amateur films.

sybarite. the mast
dolorous echo 7". brainwashed.

fan club orchestra japan. 20001: a space odyssey
20001: a space odyssey. entenpfuhl.

ryan teague. prelude I
six preludes. type recordings.

julien neto. VI (featuring keith kenniff)
le fumeur de ciel. type recordings.

dj niknak + liucubed have fled!

listen to the show (114mb)
prefuse 73 pagina seis
prefuse 73 reads the books e.p. warp.

entre rios de tener
onda. darla.

nice nice you're a human person
yesss! audraglint.

lali puna nin-com-pop (thomas leboeg remix)
i thought i was over that (rare, remixed, and b-sides). morr.

manitoba schedules & fares
start breaking my heart LP. leaf.

bebel gilberto all around (remixed by telefon tel aviv)
bebel gilberto remixed. six degrees.

blue states metro sound
man mountain. eighteenth street lounge.

fourtet high fives
everything ecstatic. domino.

boards of canada music is math
geogaddi. warp.

royksopp sparks
melody a.m. astralwerks.,

jazzanova another new day (stereolab mix)
remix ep. ropeadope.

pole back home (feat. august engkilde, upright bass)
45/45. mute.

klute off out up and under
no one's listening anymore. commercial suicide.

keith fullerton whitman rhodes viola multiple
antithesis. kranky.

alexis perepelycia quark
mundo caos ep. dreamleand recordings.

mandarin movie a very modern camera parts I & 2
mandarin movie. aesthetics.

negativland favorite things
no business. seeland.

colophon oh to be deployed somewhere
imprint/tailpiece. nishi.

federico monti usb
invierno. subsource.

esmerine merrick
(unreleased album).

eric malmberg det hCgre medvetandet + undermedvetandet
den gatfulle mC$nniskan. hC$pna.

marc-charles mcnulty est photographe de guerre
code inconnu. earphone.

fifths of seven bless our beautiful dreamers
spry from bitter anise folds. dsa wave.

listen to the show (107mb)
lali puna it's not the worst i looked (remix for two lone swordsmen)
i thought i was over that: rare, remixed and b-sides. morr.

tristeza casio (styrofoam remix)
mixed signals. tiger style.

bjork army of me (pink battle mash up by alfredo lietor)
army of me: remixes and covers. one little indian.

koop summer sun (markus enochson remix)
waltz for koop: alternative takes. compost.

mujaji smooch
free rain. shadow.

bebel gilberto winter (remixed by nuspirit helsinki)
bebel gilberto remixed. six degress.

jega inertia
geometry. matador.

mandalay don't invent me
solace. v2.

entre rios cerca & extrano
onda. darla.

sigur rós stalfur
gætis Byrjun .PIAS america.

broadway project plants and leaves
compassion. eighteenth street lounge.

monolake digitalis
polygon cities. imbalance computer music.

julien neto V (Rivers)
le fumeur de ciel. type.

daniel whiting untitled 2
selected works 2000-2003 #1. earlab.

tonne rosalind (si-cut.db)
soundtoy. bip-hop.

ars deco pioggia
sospesa. comatonic.

shifts vertonen 9
vertonen 9. public eyesore.

boris d hegenbart [snooze]
[smip]. quecksilber.

tiki obmar some kids like cartoons
seasons. merck.

fifths of seven coeur, arteries and veins
spry from bitter anise folds. dsa wave.

esmerine le rire de l'ange
aurora. madrona.

listen to the show (107mb)
alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto moon
insen. asphodel.

bebel gilberto baby (remixed by yam who?)
bebel gilberto remixed. six degrees.

eric malmberg jaget
den gtfulla mnniskan. hpna.

massive attack sly (7 stones mix)
sly single LP. circa.

protov spring leaf
spring leaf mixes. serie n.

bis shack up
the glimmers by dj-kicks. k7.

giuseppe ielasi gesine iv
gesine. hpna.

brazilian girls lazy lover (brazilian girls' freemix)
lazy lover single LP. verve forecast.

cooptrol song itself
numbernaut. serie n.

fourtet you were there with me
everything ecstatic. domino.

mitchell akiyama. small explosions that are yours to keep
small explosions that are yours to keep. sub rosa.

mocean worker into thin air
into thin air single LP. palm pictures.

hrsta folkways orange
stem stem in electro. constellation.

nina simone lilac wine (the album leaf remix)
verve remixed 3. verve.

kammerflimmer kollektief shibboleth
absencen. staubgold.

manitoba dundas, ontario
start breaking my heart LP. leaf.

ascoltare shrewd trainer
giving set part II. tripel.

esmerine quelques mots pleins d'ombre
aurora. madrona.

tosca heidi bruehl
j.a.c. k7.

fifths of seven rosa centifolia
spry from bitter anise folds. dsa wave.