February 8th Show Playlist

All new music tonight, with additional tracks by Oren Marshall and a longer piece by the Vibracathedral Orchestra.

  1. Even Numbers by Gregor Samsa. 55:12. the kora records.
  2. Remove the Inside by Belong. October Language. Carpark.
  3. Action for Green 2 by Merzbow. Houjoue. Dirter Promotions.
  4. Simmer by Mountains. Sewn. Apestaartje.
  5. Jubilee by Vibracathedral Orchestra. Trighplane Terraforms. Mental Telemetry.
  6. Track 6 by Oren Marshall. Introduction to the Story of Spedy Sponda / Part One: In a Silent Room. Slowfoot.
  7. Portrait of a Fool by Loren Connors. Sails. Table of the Elements.
  8. Forced Entry by Dominic Frasca. Deviations. Serious Music, Cantaloupe Music.

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